About Me

Hi! You're probably here because you wanna know "what is Sugarblur?", right?! My name is Beth and the main purpose of this blog is to bring you advice on all tasks a young woman might face through the late teens to early twenties. Whether you're wondering where to go on your gap year, how to save space in your bedroom or just want to read a review of a lovely eyeshadow, Sugarblur aims to give you tips, hacks and advice on every part of entering the scary adult world! Because as much as I'd love to play Bratz and watch Powerpuff Girls forever, we just can't!!

Prior to managing my Sugarblur blog, I am a recent graduate in Bsc (Hons) Criminology and Psychology. I am waiting to return to Plymouth University as a Criminology Master's student this September! Along side that I also run my own small swimwear business, Matilda Bay, which I started as a little way to earn a bit of extra money along side my studies. Use the code in my side bar for a 10% discount! One of my biggest life achievements is that I lived and worked as a Lifeguard in Walt Disney World, Florida for three months last summer and it was the most incredible experience ever! You'll see me mention this a lot throughout my blog, so I hope you like Disney!

I am always overjoyed to work with brands, having a business myself I know just how vital it is to work with bloggers and how I love when bloggers show such passion over my brand. Previously I have worked with companies such as Magnitone, Panasonic, Paul Mitchel, Welda to name just a few. For any enquires regarding collaborations on a business or gifting basis please e-mail me at beth.ching@live.co.uk and I'll greatly receive your message! 

If you'd like to keep up to date with my posts, submit your email to the sign up button in the side bar, and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. If you're into Pinterest, you're welcome to pin ma' pins and if Snapchat is your thing add me by searching Bethchx.