Outfit / Sleeves of the summer


Top / Glamourous at ASOS / here £36
Jeans / Hollister / similar here £44 (other colours ava)
Choker / Primark / £3 set of changable pendants (recent)
Bralet / Primark / £8 (recent)

I absolutely adore this top! My mum was like 'eh, thats a cover up', but I think that's the beauty of it. Here I've done it up by the tassles with one of those amazing bralets Primark are doing at the moment. I'd also wear it with a normal cami if I wanted to cover up a bit. I'm intending to take this on holiday and use it as a beach or pool cover up too, I love how versatile this top is. 

Not to mention how amazing the sleeves are?! You can't quite tell fom the pictures but the litte circles are filled with silver relective stuff, and I love that! The colours are also neon and bright in person - lush!

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